Do You Also Sell The Rechargeable Battery?

Yes, we do. Each rechargeable battery has adjustable temperature settings and costs $25 each.

Is This Legal?

Yes, this product is legal in Hawaii and all states in the USA.

Is This Real THC and Will It Get Me High?

Yes, it will get you high. This product contains real THC that is intoxicating and psychoactive. It delivers a superior “high” compared to conventional THC vaping products or smoking cannabis. The high lasts longer and the unique formulation does not allow for a person to build up a tolerance to the effects.

Do You Allow Bulk Orders?

Yes, we allow bulk orders for people that are qualified. Bulk orders require a 250 unit minimum order which is purchased at a special bulk rate.

How Long Does It Take To Receive My Order?

Here on Maui, most orders are delivered within 3 hours. Order by 6 p.m. for same day delivery.

Usage Tips:

– Use a low battery setting (around 2.7 V)

– Grip the metal fitting of the cartridge when screwing and unscrewing the battery.