TeaHC (Natural THC Infused Tea)

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👍Makes 4 to 8 Servings

😄No “Couch-Lock”

☕️Caffeine or Alcohol Alternative

⏱️Fast Acting/Long Lasting




Step into the refreshing new world of TeaHC, where every cup promises a journey away from the jitters of caffeine and the sluggish aftermath of alcohol. Our meticulously crafted, THC-infused natural loose-leaf teas offer a groundbreaking alternative for those seeking repose without compromise.

With TeaHC, experience the mellow warmth of relaxation that defies the norms – no drowsiness, just clarity. Each sip is a step toward a tranquil state of mind, leveraging the avant-garde of nanoemulsified THC to ensure a seamless integration into your daily unwind without the unwanted side-effects.

Infuse your routine with the subtlety of TeaHC. Here, your wellness ritual garners an elevating twist, dialing down the noise of the day, without the drowsy interludes or the adrenal shuffle of stimulants.

TeaHC is a spirited indulgence, designed for the mindful connoisseur.

Each package makes 4 to 8 servings, depending on how you prefer it.