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THC Nanotechnology is the production of THC products via nanoemulsion, a process in which one substance is dispersed into another. In this process, THC particles are reduced to nanoscopic size and emulsified, which means the THC molecules are tightly and completely surrounded with nanoscopic water molecules. This allows the THC particles to have much higher “bio-availability”, which means the THC is more easily and completely absorbed into the bloodstream.

The inherent problems associated with smoking cannabis to get high, such as low potency, not knowing what to expect, lingering smell, horrible aftertaste, ashes, and smelling like smoke are eliminated via our unique THC Nano Vape™ product.

THC Nano Vape™ is a unique and highly potent blend of Δ8 THC, THC-JD, and THC-H with no additives. Each disposable unit has a built-in rechargeable battery and is constructed with materials of the highest quality.

The THC Nano Vape™ high is superior compared to smoking cannabis, being 25x more potent, and the high lasts longer (up to 4 hours). The more you vape, the more high you get. So be careful and do not operate machinery or drive while under the influence of this product. (It will get you high as fuck!)

Our level of safety exceeds industry standards. THC Nano Vape™ is lab-tested via third-party analysis and the chain of custody is never broken because there is no “middle-man”. THC Nano Vape™ is sold exclusively online by THC Nanotech or our approved distributors which are never dispensaries or other stores.

THC Nanotech™ is the exclusive purveyor of the world’s finest disposable Nano THC vape pen products.